Jablotron JA-100K-LAN Central / built-in LAN transmitter

Model: JA-100K-LAN
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The JA-100K is a control panel from the JABLOTRON JA-100 line, with a built-in LAN transmitter. It is primarily for private installation, such as securing a private house with can also be used for smaller business. Setup and setting up of the control panel takes place via F-Link software.

- up to 32 wireless or wired BUS devices
- up to 32 user codes
- up to 4 areas
- up to 4 programmable outputs (PG)
- up to 3 radio modules
built-in LAN
- 10 independent calendars
- reports from the system to 8 users via SMS
- 8 users have the option of voice and SMS report
- 4 selectable special codes for KC (with individual ID)

On the board is a built-in LAN transmitter that provides communication with MyJablotron, MyCompany and to KC. You can also choose to expand the control panel with JA-111R radio module and JA-1907Y GSM module.

The following areas differ from JA-100 from JA-101 and JA-106
- Only one exit / entry delay
- New zone type 'Garage door' extends entry / exit time;
- The exit time is extended even if the 'Garage door' is closed when connected
- The entry time is determined by whether it is a 'delayed' or 'garage door' zone that is opened
- The entry time is not extended if the 'delayed' zone starts it, and the 'garage door' is subsequently opened during the entry time
- Users can not be added in PG outputs, they are added in the internal settings on BP / bypass
- The JA-150E can control multiple PG outputs
- JA-150E does not have the option 'Indicates / checks PG'
- The JA-123E can only control one PG output
- The PG Activation column is removed on the Devices tab
- PG activation of devices is set in the internal settings of the PG output
- Limited possibilities for PG outputs 'reaction to' i.a. lacks the ability to invert an output with 'system event'
- The reaction 'Second PG' is missing - it limits simple door control considerably
- PG output function limited to 'Enable / disable' 'Impulse' and 'copy'
Missing PG output functions: 'delayed copy', 'extended copy' and 'change'
- No possibility of time limitation of users
- 4/6 digit codes - not 8 digits, not prefix
- One card per. user
- No Message A / B / C / D zone type
- No Repetition Zone Type
- 10 calendar events

Technical specifications

Installation type Fixed installation
Rated central voltage / frequency / fuse ~ 230 V / 50 Hz, T200 mA fuse 250V, 5 x 20 mm, ~ 115 V / 60 Hz, T400 mA fuse 250V, 5 x 20 mm
Operating voltage range ~ 195 V ÷ 250 V, ~ 110 V ÷ 120 V
Electric power supply Max 23 VA / 0.1 A
Fuse class II
Back-up battery 12 V; 2.6 Ah max (lead acid) - 12 hours backup (2.6 Ah)
Low battery voltage, fault indication 11 V
Maximum battery charging time 48 ÷ 72 hours
BUS voltage / max. Voltage rib 12.0 ÷ 13.8 VDC / ± 100 mV
Max. current consumption from the central BUS + RJ 400 mA permanent (1000 mA for 5 minutes)
LAN off 125 mA - consumption of external modules
LAN on 85 mA - consumption of modules
Max. Number of units 20
Classification of the alarm system Safety class 2 / environmental class II
Installation environment Indoors
Operating temperature / humidity -10 ° C to + 40 ° C, relative humidity 75%, no condensation
excitement Type A - primary supply with a charged backup battery
Event log ca. 7 million recent events, incl. date and time
System response to communication loss Error or tampering - according to the preset profile
BUS Up to 10 sec.
Wireless communication for 2 hours (report)
Wireless communication for 20 min. blocking, system must be connected
Invalid password response After 10 attempts with the wrong password, a tamper alarm is activated and according to the selected profile it blocks all control units for 10 min.
ATS classification Supported ATS classes: SP2 - SP 5, DP2 - DP3
SPT Type Z
Operating mode Examination
Built-in LAN SP2 - SP5 (with IP protocol)
JA-190Y SP2 - SP5 (with IP protocol)
JA-190X SP2 (with Contact ID protocol)
LAN + JA-190Y DP2 - DP3 (with IP protocol)
LAN + JA-190X DP2 (with IP / CID protocol)
ATS transfer protocols JABLO IP, SIA IP, Contact ID, JABLO SMS
ATC protection against noise and data protection JABLOTRON protocol: Closed AES encryption with a key size of at least 128 bits - ANSI SIA DC-09.2012 protocol with 128 bit AES encryption
LAN communication Ethernet interface CAT 5 (RJ-45)
Dimensions (mm) 268 x 225 x 83
Weight 1450g
The parameters of the JA-111R module 868.1 MHz, <25 mW, GFSK <80 kHz