Jablotron JA-103K-LAN Central with built-in LAN transmitter

Model: JA-103K-LAN
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JA-103K-LAN is the base of the JABLOTRON 100+ series. It is flexible, user-friendly and can be used to secure houses and businesses. The control panel is set up and set up via F-Link, from version 2.0.0.

- up to 50 wired BUS devices
- up to 50 user codes
- up to 8 areas
- up to 32 programmable outputs (PG)
- 20 independent calendars
- reports from the system to 8 users via SMS
- 5 KC
- 5 selectable protocols for KC
- Maintenance condition (not technician)
Day / Night mode
Shortened expiration time
- Automated settings
- Advanced calendar function

LAN transmitter is built into PCB, but JA-192Y (GSM / GPRS module) and JA-111R (radio module) are purchased separately.

To store log events, voice recordings and PIR photos, a 1 GB memory card is included on the PCB.

Terminals on PCB print:
1x BUS terminal
1x terminal for the radio module (JA-111R)
1 x terminal for GSM / GPRS communication module (JA-192Y)

Technical specifications

excitement 110 - 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Backup battery 12 V, 2.6 Ah (not included in the package!)
Max. time for battery charging 72 hours
Max. continuous consumption from the exchange 1000 mA
Max. continuous consumption, 12 hours backup 115 mA without LAN - 88 mA with active LAN (with one battery, 2.6 Ah)
Max. Number of units 50
LOAN Ethernet interface, 10 / 100BASE-T
Dimensions 268 × 225 × 83 mm
Weight with / without Backup battery 1809 g / 919 g
Event log ca. 7 million recent events, including time and place
Power supply A
Operating temperature -10 to + 40 ° C
Average operating humidity 75% RH, non-condensing
Radio frequency (with a JA-11xR module) 868.1 MHz

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