Jablotron JA-106K Central / built-in GSM / LAN transmitter (without battery)

Model: JA-106K
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JA-106K is a control panel with built-in GSM / LAN transmitter (without battery). The control panel is part of the JABLOTRON 100 series and is good if you want to secure many areas, eg companies or larger houses. Setup and setting up of the control panel takes place in F-Link software.

- up to 120 wired BUS devices
- up to 300 users
- up to 15 areas
- up to 32 programmable outputs (PG)
- 20 independent calendars
- reports from the system to 30 users via SMS
- 5 users have the option of voice and SMS report
- 4 KC
- 5 selectable special codes for KC

On the main board, there is a built-in GSM / GPRS and LAN transmitter. It can communicate by audio / voice, SMS, GPRS to the end user or to KC. To be able to save log events, voice recordings, photos from photo-PIR etc. it comes with a 1 GB memory card on the main board.

The following terminals are located on the main board:
- 2x independent BUS terminals
- 1x terminal for the radio module (JA-110R)
- 1x terminal for PSTN transmitter (JA-190X

Please note that backup battery is not included.

Technical specifications

Mains voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power supply Type A
Power consumption Lost AC 140 mA, at alarm 200 mA
Backup battery 12 V up to 7 - 18 Ah
Maximum charging time 72 hours
BUS power supply Maximum continuous load 1.2 A
Maximum output current (5 min.) 2 A
Backup BUS power supply Via 18 Ah backup battery 12 hours at 1.2 A
JA-110R frequency 2-way Jablotron protocol 868 MHz
Number of addresses (wireless or BUS) Max. 120
Log events 700 MB approx. 7 million events including date and time

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