Jablotron JA-111M BUS MINI magnetic contact

Model: JA-111M
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JA-111M is a small BUS magnetic contact. It is quite suitable for both home and business, with its smart small size. It can be mounted on doors / windows where it responds to opening. It communicates with the exchange through BUS. In addition, the unit has a tamper switch on the lid, to prevent the unit from being opened inappropriately.

Note that the switch takes up one space in the control panel.

Technical specifications
Voltage via the central bus 12v (9 ,,, 15 v)
Standby consumption 5 mA
Dimensions 55 x 27 x 16 mm
Operating environment in accordance with EN 50131-1 II. Indoor general
Operating temperature range -10 ° C to + 40 ° C