Jablotron JA-150P Wireless PIR detector 12 m / 120 degrees

Model: JA-150P
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The JA-150P is a wireless PIR detector from Jablotron that detects movement indoors in a building. The detector covers up to 12 m at 110 °, but this can be optimized by adding alternative lenses. JS-7904 corridor lens, JS-7906 pet lens and JS-7901 curtain lens are all compatible with the detector.

If the detector is triggered, it will either start entry time or sound an alarm. There is a tamper switch built into the detector, which means that the unit cannot be opened or taken down without sounding a tamper alarm. The detector has a SMARTWATCH function, which improves the alarm reporting extends the life of the battery. In addition, the detector regularly performs tests and reports if there are problems. The device allows you to choose between two immunity levels, against false alarms.

Note that the detector is addressable and takes up a space in the control panel.

Technical specifications
excitement 2 x Alkaline AA 1.5V
Battery life ca. 2 years
Frequency Jablotron 868 Hz
Range ca. 300 m- open terrain
Mounting height 2.5 m
Coverage PIR 12 m / 110 °
Mode of operation Passive infrared
Operating temperature -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
Dimensions 60 x 97 x 52 mm
Installation environment Indoors

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