Jablotron JA-159P Wireless Outdoor Detector, Low Mount

Model: JA-159P
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JA-159P is specially designed to be located outdoors. The detector has two built-in PIR elements, both of which must be activated simultaneously to sound the alarm, ie what is called double activation. The double activation ensures a high degree of immunity to false alarms, which is important in an outdoor environment where disturbing elements can occur, such as small animals. The detector is from Optex, but its transmitter is developed by Jablotron. The detector must use two CR123 batteries. In addition, it has both anti-mask function and has anti-tamper alarm built-in. Anti-mask, in case something tries to cover the detector, and anti-sabotage ensures that the detector cannot be taken down or opened without sending a tamper alert. In addition, the detector performs continuous tests, and notifies if something is wrong.

If you want to increase the range, it is possible with Jablotron's 3-pin external antenna.

Note that the module is addressable and takes up one space in the control panel.

Technical specifications
excitement 2 x (3 x) Lithium batteries, type CR123A (3 V / 1.4mAh)
Battery life 2 x 3.6 V up to 3 years / 3 x 3.6 V up to 4 years (120 s)
Range Up to 300 m - open terrain
Frequency 868.1 MHz, Jablotron 100 protocol
Mounting height 0.8 - 1.2 m
Coverage area 12 m / 90 °
Object's speed of movement 0.3 - 1.5 m / s
Battery saving hours Adjustable 5 sec or 120 sec
Max. humidity 95%
Operating temperature -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
Dimensions 186 x 71.3 x 105.5 mm
IP Class IP55
Installation environment Outdoor

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