Jablotron JA-160PC Wireless PHOTO detector

Model: JA-160PC
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With the JA-160PC you can detect human movement in a room and have this confirmed with an image. The image is taken in color and taken twice first in low (320x240 pixels), and then in high resolution (640 × 480 pixels). The camera can also take pictures in the dark, as it is equipped with flash. Once the pictures are taken, they are saved on the camera's internal micro SD card, and afterwards the image, low resolution, is sent on to the control panel.

The pictures can be seen in the event log, by using F-link or J-link. However, they are displayed in low resolution. If you want to see the image in higher resolution, it can be found under "details." It is also possible to send the images on from the exchange, to an external server, user or KC. It is also possible to send a picture from the MyJablotron website.

In addition, the detector can also take a picture when activating a PG output, due to fire, water damage or the like.

The detector can also be set up to take a pre-alarm picture, whereby a picture is sent at input time or if only one alarm has gone off.

It is possible to set the camera's immunity to false alarms on two levels. Either you can choose fast reaction time and basic immunity, otherwise you can choose a slower reaction time but with a higher degree of immunity.

Technical specifications

excitement 2 × AA 1.5 V Alkaline batteries
Battery life ca. 2 years (one picture per day, good light conditions)
Frequency 868 MHz ranges approx. 300 m - open terrain
Coverage PIR 55 ° / 12 m / mounted at 2.5 m height
Mode of operation Passive infrared
Memory Micro SD
SD card size 1GB to 2GB
Operating temperature -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
Installation environment Indoors

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