Hikvision DS-1272ZJ-110 Wall bracket

Model: DS-1272ZJ-110
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Wall bracket intended for mounting on the wall so that the camera can hang horizontally and away from the wall.
Easy to mount with the included screws

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    The barbed wire is made of galvanized steel and is universally applicable in e.g. gardens or businesses where it can be used to demarcate and secure various fencing systems



    Design: 2 conductors / 4 spikes
    Length: 50m
    Material: Galvanized steel
    Thickness: 1.7mm
    Distance between spikes: approx. 10cm

    See the law on the use of barbed wire here: https://ipcam-shop.dk/information/lov-om-pigtrad/

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    Proffessionelt videoovervågninsskilt printet på PVC (A3) (Kan sidde både ude og inde)   Højde      42cm Bredde    29,7cm Tykkelse  3mm
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    Nøgleboks med kodelås, til b.la. opbevaring af nøgler. Nem at montere.
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    Professional Surveillancestickers (4 pieces)     Print on both sides (Can sit both inside and outside)     70x100mm (7x10cm)  
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Model DS-1272ZJ-110
Parameters Wall Mounting Bracket for Dome Camera
Appearance Hikvision White
Material Aluminum Alloy
Dimension 122 120 169mm
Weight 480g


PDF: Main language is English

POWER: All Hikvision IP cameras are sold without PSU

HARDDRIVE: All NVRs are sold without harddrives

SETUP: A computer with Windows 10 or MacOS is needed