Plug for camera mounting

Model: Plug (STOR)
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  • The best universal plug / dowel for mounting a camera
  • Ideal for plaster, facade insulation, concrete, shavings etc.
  • Quick adjustment, with clipping strips
Bordiameter 10 [mm]
min. pladetykkelse 9,5 [mm]
Max. pladetykkelse 55 [mm]
Min. hulrumstykkelse 40 [mm]
Skruediameter 5 [mm]
Skruelængde 60 [mm]
Min. borhulsdybde 65 [mm]
Ankerlængde 50 [mm]
Max. emnetykkelse 27 [mm]
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Antal 1 [St.]

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These plugs are perfect for mounting surveillance cameras. They are particularly suitable for installation on shell-walled facades with exterior wall insulation, plaster - also wet room plaster and much more.
Indoor and outdoor use.
The nylon tilting dowel with tilting beam in 2-component fiberglass-reinforced material provides high tensile and transverse loads. The dowel automatically turns behind sheet materials and expands into solid materials such as wood and concrete. Flexible screw entry - in stainless steel - for both chipboard screw and metric threads. Mounted with 10 mm drill. A dowel with very high load-bearing capacity in all gypsum materials: ordinary gypsum, fiber gypsum and wet room gypsum.
  • Flexible screw bracket allows the use of screws and hooks with different thread shapes.
  • Fiberglass-reinforced nylon and a metal skeleton enable the dowel to handle heavy tensile and transverse loads in all sheet materials.
  • The soft gray nylon contact surface distributes the load over the plate surface, thus minimizing the weakening of the supporting building material.
  • Standard borehole diameters and short tilting element for easy installation in narrow cavities, including cavities with insulation.
  • Snap function ensures that the dowel can be pre-assembled quickly and safely in the borehole.

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  • Dome
  • Turret
  • PTZ
  • PT
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