Jablotron JA-154E Wireless operation with LCD, keyboard and PROX

Model: JA-154E
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The JA-154E is a 2-way wireless control panel that has an LCD control panel and PROX reader.

Even though the JA-154E comes with only one control panel, up to 20 control panels can be used (JA-192E).

The control panel has Smart Radio Wake-up, which causes the sleep to end and the panel to start automatically at entry time.

The unit is addressable and takes up space in the control panel.

Note that it is recommended to use JA-100 specific chips for JA-100 wireless control panels, and that the control panel is also not compatible with JA-100kx control panels.

Technical specifications

excitement 4 alkaline batteries AA 1.5 V
Battery life 1 year
Frequency Jablotron 2-way 868 MHz
Range ca. 200 m - open terrain
Operating temperature -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
Prox card EM UNiK 125 kHz / Jablotron UNIK code
Dimensions 102 x 98 x 33 mm
Installation environment Indoors