HE 71 Safe

Model: IPP-2139
( 15.039,20 )
Availability: Leadtime is 2-5 day(s)
w / Key lock w / Electronic code lock

Powerful and heavy safe that is perfect for securing valuables

  • Approved heavy and powerful cabinet
  • Meets safety requirements: EN1143 / 1 grade 1
  • Fireproof for up to 60 min.
  • Weighs 235 kg

He 71 is a heavy and very powerful safe that is perfect for securing everything from your photos and papers, to your jewelry.


The safe meets security requirements Grade 1 (Skafor Red level) It is also tested to withstand fire for up to 60 min. The cabinet has a strong and heavy construction, which makes it well suited where high demands are made on security.

The cabinet comes in a Ral 9010, which is a cracked white. It comes as standard with a key lock and two shelves that can be moved.


Theft protection:
Approved EN1143 / 1 Grade 1 (Skafor Red) This means that the cabinet can withstand an attack with mechanical tools for at least 40 minutes


Fire protection
Approved NTFire 017- 60P - This means that the safe can withstand up to 60 min. fire


The cabinet is delivered with a key lock, incl. 2 keys.

It is possible to purchase an electronic lock (it is possible to delay opening via the code lock)



It is prepared for bolting to the bottom of the safe.
(It must be solid walls with concrete)


The safe is delivered in a Ral 9010 (Cracked white)



  External Inside

933 mm

800 mm
Width: 535 mm 400 mm
Depth: 531 mm 330 mm
Weight: 235 kg