safe He 101

Model: IPP-2141
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With key lock With electronic code lock

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HE 71

Safe HE 101



  • Very powerful and heavy safe
  • It is used at places with high security demands
  • The best about HE is the robustness
  • Fire safe 60P - 60 min



  • Thick walls which also have concrete in it
  • Door handles with bolts in stainless steel
  • Other safety methods is not public
  • The safe can bolted firmly to the ground, but it's not needed to do so because of the weight
  • The weight is around 1050 KG


Theft safety

Aproved en1143/1 GRADE 1, Security level as SKAFOR RED. that means it can withstand electric tools for 40 minutes at least.



It is delivered with Lockkey  including 2 keys

(Electronic lock can be choiced)


Color - Mode white, RAL 9010




Height: 1220 mm 1010 mm
Breth: 710 mm 485 mm
Depth: 660 mm

420 mm

weightt: 1050 kg