Hikvision 8MP ColorVu Solar Kit

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Hikvision DS-2XS6A87G1-L / C32S80 8MP ColorVu SOLAR
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Lens: 2.8mm
Hikvision DS-2FSCH30 SOLAR Battery
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Hikvision's solar-powered security camera setup is perfect for areas where you need rugged performance but power supplies and Ethernet cables can't reach. At the same time, they can also provide backup power to resolve monitoring interruptions due to power failure in a conventional power supply scenario.

These advanced camera sets are ideal for farms and forests, challenging infrastructure projects and temporary sporting or cultural events.

The 4G Solar Kit (DS-2XS6A87G1-L / C32S80) includes a 4K ColorVu 4G camera, solar panel, bracket, & battery, can provide one-stop monitoring in remote environments. This means that providers can provide connected security for scenarios such as Agriculture, animal and forest observation as well as temporary monitoring of construction sites.

The issue of having no power or network is no longer an issue, as the kit supplies power to the camera via the solar panel and connection via 4G. It sends data to a communication station and then on to the security monitoring center, where it can be managed using HikCentral Professional or the Hik-Connect app. This means that both monitoring and management activities, e.g. Live recordings can be made remotely over the 4G network.


Its lightweight design makes the kit easy to install, so only one person can install it with a rod mount. The IP67 rating provides protection against the most adverse weather conditions, and it also survives well against strong winds, which are often experienced in remote areas.

The set shows long endurance, detects power levels and automatically adjusts to power saving mode when low. This means it can operate continuously for up to seven days in cloudy and rainy weather when fully charged.