12 Siso window locks + 24 one-way screws - WHITE

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Complete package with 12 window locks for securing windows and doors

  • Contains 12 locks and 24 securing screws
  • Color: White
  • Ensure that they can not open the window from the inside
  • Same key for all the locks
  • Easy to assemble
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Total package solution

12 x white side locks
24 x one-way screws 4.2x19


  • 2 keys are included for each lock
  • There are locking keys for the ordered cylinders (All keys fit all ordered locks)
  • Easy way to secure windows and doors
  • Easy to mount (Mounted with two screws)
  • Locked easily by pressing the lock cylinder at the bottom and then it is locked (Without key)
  • You can buy extra strong bushings for the frame here: Bushings for window locks


The lock is screwed to the door or window. You drill a small hole in the frame, where you put the included bushing to give a nice finish.
When the door or windows need to be locked, turn the key and it will pop up itself.



Width: 45mm
Depth: 25mm
Height: 35mm
Locking loss: ø 9.5 x 14mm

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