Jablotron JA-111R 80 BUS Radio interface for Oasis wireless devices

Model: JA-111R 80
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The JA-111R 80 is a radio module that provides communication between the JABLOTRON 100 system and one-way wireless devices from the JABLOTRON 80 Oasis system. This is useful if you want to upgrade your Oasis system to a JABLOTRON 100 system while retaining some original devices. In addition, the module can also be combined in the system with JA-11xR modules that communicate with JABLOTRON 100 devices - such as sirens, control panels, PIR etc.

JA-8x detectors and magnetic switches and RC-8x hand transmitters are supported by the module.

The following devices do not: JA-8xF, JA-84P, JA-80Z, JA-80x, TP-xx, AC-8x, UC-82 and JA-8xK.

Please note that the module is compatible with F-Link 1.4.0 or later.

Technical specifications

Compatible with F-Link 1.4.0 or higher
excitement via the control panel's BUS 12 V (9 - 15 V)
Standby power consumption 25 mA
Max. power consumption 25 mA
Communication frequency 868.5 MHz
Dimensions 150 × 40 × 23 mm
Operating temperature -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
Installation environment Indoors

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