Network connector CAT 5e RJ45

Model: Modularstik Cat5
( 1,20 )
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Category 5e network connector for surveillance cameras

  • Mounts easily with a network crimping tool
  • Fits all Cat6 UTP cables
  • Make your own cables

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RJ45 Modular connector for Cat5e cables in connection with setting up surveillance cameras. It is usually easier and gentler on the building to make the cable run with "loose" cable. With loose network cable, we are thinking of a roll, where you just pull the length out of the box you need to get from the hard disk recorder, switch or PoE injector and out to the surveillance camera. The connector can easily be used for outdoor cameras and general outdoor surveillance. You therefore use 2 plugs per cable pull

You must use a pair of pliers to "crimp"/pinch the cable and, as also shown in the video, you must only strip the outer sheath, but the individual conductors must not be stripped.
We also have the pliers, you can find them here: Crimping pliers for RJ45 connectors (works for both cat5e and cat6)

The finished Cat5e network cable can be used for ordinary networking in addition to video surveillance.

Cat5e specs

  • 100 MHz bandwidth
  • 1.0 Gigabit connection
  • Up to 200 surveillance cameras can be streamed on 1 cable*

- Modular connector, unshielded Cat5 RJ45
- Unshielded modular connectors for cable.
- These modular connectors are sold individually.

*Calculated based on a bitrate of 5 Mbit/s, which is typical for a 4K/8MP video surveillance camera.


How do I assemble a network connector?


Christian has made a small video guide that you can see here




Here is the color code for a network connector