Pigeon spikes for surveillance cameras

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Pigeon spikes to mount on camera

  • Cares for birders not cares for the camera
  • 7 rows are included
  • Very easy to install

Længde 33cm (7 rækker)
Højde 11,50cm
Materiale Bund: UV-bestandig polycarbonate
Pigge: Rustfrit stål
Ekstra Kan også deles på langs, så den er 33cm og smallere

Pigeon spikes intended for mounting on a camera.

They are very suitable for bullet cameras, where the birds love to sit because the camera emits heat.
They are incredibly easy to install. They are broken into the desired number of rows and then glued on.

There are 7 rows (approx. 33cm) on a strip that can be broken one at a time.

How many rows should you use? Here is an example:

A row is just under 5cm (4.5cm):
Mini Bullet = 2 rows
Bullet = 4 rows