Veracity mobile switch 12V - 4PoE

Model: VCS-4P1-MOB
( 2.883,00 )
Availability: Leadtime is 30-40 day(s)

Versatile PoE switch supplied with 12v. and delivers 4 x PoE

  • Suitable for mobile solutions, e.g. car battery
  • 5 Ports, 1 for Uplink and 4 for cameras (with PoE)
  • Truck battery also supported (8-40 volts DC)

The ideal switch for mobile solutions. Popularly called a 12/24 volt PoE switch, but can be supplied with 8-40 VDC.

The switch can be used in cars, buses, trains, ships, photovoltaic systems, caravans etc.

No configuration required. The switch automatically adapts to cable type, speed and PoE. Can deliver up to 80 watts (a standard camera typically uses less than 10 watts) and even uses 3 watts in operation. LEDs show current status.