Hikvision DS-2TD2628-3/QA Thermal PoE

Model: DS-2TD2628-3/QA
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Ingenious dual-lens thermal camera to secure an area against uninvited guests or fire.

  • Nothing remains unseen - discover them on the thermal - and recognize them on the visual image.
  • Be your own alarm center - human, vehicle or fire, get notified directly on the phone.
  • White spotlight and speaker welcome people or scare uninvited guests
  • Store events on a recorder or directly in the camera with a memory card.

Thermal camera has 3 main advantages - protection of perimeter, protection against fire and monitoring of temperature. However, these cameras have another thing worth mentioning, namely an extra built-in camera. The series is therefore also called bi-spectrum because it captures both the thermal spectrum and the visual.

With its two lenses, the camera has a very good opportunity to protect against either fire and smoke development, against illegal intrusion and deviating temperature. The thermal lens ensures you very precise messages / alarms and the built-in relay makes it possible to connect the camera to most types of burglar alarms and control centers.

When setting up the camera, you choose whether it should be able to "Behavior analysis (perimeter protection) + measurement temperature" or "Fire detection + temperature measurement"

Behavioral analysis (perimeter protection)
You can choose what the camera should analyze, where it should do so and in what periods, as well as how it should react if a rule is violated

Protection against fire
Fire surveillance does not require much setup, as shown in the video below, as the camera has a setting for exactly this purpose.

The speaker makes it possible to warn people about the area about the impending fire or smoke development.

The thermal camera is often used to protect against arson on e.g. schools, institutions, factories, construction sites etc. as it can give notice long before a conventional fire alarm system. However, the camera must not be used as a replacement for a conventional and approved system, as it has not (yet) been approved by the fire authorities. But e.g. in a horse stable with hay and other combustible material, it could mean the difference between life and death as the fire could be detected in the infancy, which allows to handle the situation in time.

The dynamic analysis responds to the evolution of the flames and heat.

Measurement of temperature :
The camera is also suitable for measuring temperatures, in cases that have nothing to do with fire - for example temperatures in server rooms, engine rooms, switchboards and more.