Ajax DoorProtect Plus Opening connector BLACK

Model: AJAX-DoorProtect+(BLK)
( 399,20 )
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Door and window contact with shake and tilt sensor in nice design

  • Gives alarm if someone opens a window or lists a pane
  • Can be connected from the mobile
  • You can walk around the house while it is set
  • Very easy to install


Tech specs Wireless
Mounting Surface-mounted
Detecting elements Reed switch, accelerometer
Distance to magnet Up to 1 cm (small magnet), up to 2 cm (big magnet)
Use Indoor
Additional input to plug in the wire detectors Available
Tamper protection Available
Radio signal power 20 mW
Communication protocol Jeweller (868.0-868.6 MHz)
Maximum distance between detector and central unit Up to 1,000 m (in open area)
Power supply CR123A battery
Power supply voltage 3V
Battery life Up to 5 years
Operating temperature range From 0° to +50°
Operating humidity

Up to 80%

Dimensions 20 x 90 mm

Wireless combi door and window switch that gives an alarm if a window is opened.


Nice magnetic switch that is easy to install. It has a shake and tilt sensor so it is activated if a window is smashed or the window is slipped out of the comb.

The smart thing about putting magnets on doors and windows is that you can move freely in the house while the alarm is on and be sure the alarm goes off if someone comes in while you sleep. It is also an ingenious solution if you have pets, both because they can run around the area freely but also because they are not intimidated because the alarm goes off in time and out of time.

It is called a partial connection and you have the option to control it from both the control panel and the app directly on the mobile.


If someone tries to jam the system, a jamming alarm goes off


  • Nice design
  • Wireless
  • Shake / Tilt detector
  • Up to 1,000m clear view
  • Black