Ajax Mifare Desfire card - BLACK

Model: Ajax Mifare kort SORT
( 55,20 )
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Card to activate and deactivate the alarm

  • Mifare Desfire
  • Fits Keypad PLUS
  • Makes it easy to turn off the alarm
  • Black
Technical specifications
Communication technology  DESFire®
Operating standard ISO 14443-А (13.56 MHz)
Encryption +
Authentication +
Protection from signal interception +
Possibility to assign the user +
Maximum number of bound hubs Up to 13
Compatibility KeyPad Plus
Operating temperature range From –10°C to +40°C
Operating humidity Up to 75%
Overall dimensions 86 × 54 × 0.8 mm
Weight 6 g

Card that can be used to switch the alarm on and off


The card is the same size as a debit card and can be in the wallet. This makes it easy to switch the alarm on and off.

Easily give your cleaning wife the opportunity to come in, or make a temporary guest card when you go out and travel.